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Nikken is short for “Nihon Kenko” – “Japan Health” in Japanese. The #1 Wellness Company in the world, Nikken recognizes the role that habits and stresses play in our health, and that both are difficult to change. Nikken develops ways of becoming healthier to fit naturally into our lives, so health improvements come first and habits can follow.

There a number of areas in which habits can affect our health – primarily the quality of our sleep and relaxation, the way we eat, our fitness, and our environment such as the contamination of our air and water. They then create solutions with a Japanese skill and flair which are natural, non-chemical, and which impact many of the quality-of-life issues of the modern world – allergies, breathing problems, poor sleep, bad backs, knees, elbows, old nagging sports problems, low energy, are just a few. Typically people feel much better, have more energy, flexibility, strength and have more hours in the day of being focused and alert.

Nikken is a world-leader – the World Federation of Chiropractors has given the Nikken sleep system a worldwide exclusive endorsement, the Water Quality Board has given the Nikken Maxi water system their Gold seal of approval and the British Allergy Foundation has given the Nikken Air Power 5 system their seal of approval.

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