Graham Price – Chartered Psychologist

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As a psychologist and development coach and trainer, and CEO of Abicord and Abicord Consulting, Graham’s company works with individuals, groups and organisations to:

  • Develop people, both among the generalpopulace and within organisations, enabling them to be more resilient, powerful and achieving, and to enjoy better relationships
  • Provide coaching and trainings to organisations in personal developmental skills such aspresentation skills,team effectiveness and leadership
  • Resolveemotional and behavioural problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, OCD, eating disorders, insomnia and many more
  • Offersmoking cessations  that are so successful they’re fully guaranteed. (One year money-back guarantee for achieving the goal and sustaining it)

As a development trainer, Graham teaches life skills that benefit everyone. He runs seminars and webinars  called ‘Positive Mind Training’ teaching skills that he and others he’s trained use every day, greatly enhancing their life satisfaction and work effectiveness.

“The most succinct, useful and effective training I’ve ever come across” … Michael Queen, CEO 3i

“It was insightful, inspiring and life changing. I strongly recommend it to everyone” … Keren Lerner, CEO Top Left Design

Graham offers a free stand-alone webinar called ‘Pacceptance Training’ that teaches life skills unknown to the vast majority of people.

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