Referral marketing is the secret weapon of the small business owner. It’s more effective than advertising. It costs less. And it puts you touch with people already in the market for your product or service. People who are expecting your call.

Here in London a huge amount of business takes place on the strength of personal recommendation alone. The key to entry into this enormous market is referral marketing.

The plain fact is – if you’re in business in London, you need to put referral marketing to work for you. And the best way to get started is through business networking.

London business owners are blessed with a wide variety of business networking groups. There will be a group that suits your personality and business model. For me, that group is BNI.

BNI is among (and may in fact be) the world’s most successful business networking organisation. Here’s why I think BNI is an excellent way to take advantage of the benefits of referral marketing…

BNI is well structured. Meetings occur on a weekly basis. Members know what to do, and how to contribute to others in the group. It ensures our meetings are highly effective.

The members of a particular BNI group get to know each other very well. This makes it much easier to generate good quality referrals for each other.

There are a lot of BNI groups in London. It’s possible to extend your referral network through alliances with people in other BNI groups.

BNI encourages a ‘power circle’ approach to referral generation, allowing people that offer complimentary services to work together to generate more referrals and attract business they wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain. It is an excellent way to get into referral marketing.

BNI is designed from the ground up to function as a referral marketing organisation. It’s structure (and the supportive environment this creates), and the training provided all serve to make it easy for people within a BNI group to generate referrals for each other.

BNI groups attract visitors by their very nature. Visitors to BNI Chapters in London both give and receive referrals every single week.

BNI West Hampstead is the ideal business networking group for you if you’re looking to do business with people in North London. We’re a lively and positive group of enthusiastic business networkers. And we go out of our way to welcome visitors.