Long Term Droughts in Many Regions Severely Impact Business and Economic Stability

Many regions in the United States of America are experiencing long-term droughts and there are areas that are now in Level 3 Drought conditions. Generally in such conditions people are not allowed to water their lawns, wash your car and water is restricted in its usage. Worse off some of these areas are so dry that fires easily start and spread quickly. This complicates matters because it takes a lot of water to put out fires and when supplies are low that is not always an option.

Many businesses are also impacted by water shortages such as car washes and it is an issue that has been plaguing the industry for some time. Most car washes recycle a good portion of their water, but generally they still use between 12 and 20 fresh gallons of water per car in a full-service car wash. Even self-serve car washes use between five and 8 gallons per car washed. Granted this is a lot less than someone might use if they wash their car in their driveway, but in Level 3 Drought sometimes that is even too much.

In many cities in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, California and Texas the issues with droughts is beginning to scare many carwash owners some realize or maybe a time when they have to shut down. Meanwhile, as fresh water supplies get short the price also increases and then come the water restrictions.

If the carwash Jörg Bassek can only use half of its normal amount of water and it has to pay twice as much for it then it cannot clean the cars very well and it has to raise the price of the carwash for the customer and then the customers stop coming one day. It is a serious issue and car washes are not alone.

Consider if you will landscapers, pool contractors and so many other industries, which use water. There is an economic factor to droughts and it is his serious environmental issue. We need a water conservation program in this country and everyone must do their part. Please consider all this in 2006.

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