Melissa and Doug Standing Easel For Children This Christmas

The Melissa and Doug standing easel is a great idea for a Christmas gift for creatively inclined children this year! This sturdily made standing easel it perfect for helping children to develop their art skills and their creative side, which is a very important part of any child’s development. Giving a child a standing easel and art supplies designed specifically for use by small hands is a great thing for the self esteem of a child.

The knowledge that these things are intended just for them is a great motivator, and with safe paints and a strong A3 Display Stand brush or two, they will soon have a gallery of fine artworks for you to festoon your home with. Improving and encouraging the art skills of children is an important thing in this day and age of digital diversions. Traditional skills such as drawing and painting can stimulate areas of the brain that electronic toys can never really reach, and art helps children develop their coordination and other important life skills too.

This superb standing easel set is packed with everything a child needs in order to get started with creating their latest masterpieces, and is being touted as one of the most wanted Christmas toys around this year. The Melissa and Doug Standing easel comes with a double sided easel that is easily adjustable and features a locking paper roll holder. The easel also features a child-friendly paper-tear-off guide and four clips to keep everything steady.

By way of accessories, the Melissa and Doug standing easel is packed! The set comes with spill-proof cups for the paints, a felt chalk eraser, paper roll, four bottles of assorted coloured poster paint, paint brushes, crayons, jumbo rainbow chalk, a dry eraser and the final essential- a vinyl mat for capturing any spillages!

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