Natural Good Health is All About Supporting Your Immune System

Natural good health is all about supporting your body’s best efforts. Your body has innate wisdom. Everything it does, every symptom it throws out, is an attempt to restore balance. Although it can sometimes seem as if it is putting you in danger, it never does.

For example, a high fever is an excellent sign that you have a strong immune system. One that is working very efficiently to expel an invading pathogen. Yes, it does need to be monitored. But the best treatment is no treatment. Or homeopathic treatment which works by supporting your immune system.

Another example is asthma. Frightening though the serious symptoms of asthma can be, before the use of cortisone, there were no recorded deaths. The cortisone treatment changed that. Now, it is possible to die from asthma.

In the first example, the strong immune system was able to prevent entry of an invading pathogen. In the second example, the asthma attack achieved what the body needed – more carbon dioxide. The only way your body can receive more carbon dioxide is to stop you breathing for a few seconds or a minute or two.

By preventing the high fever, a pathogen invades successfully. By allowing normal breathing, your body carbon dioxide levels remain too low to allow a healthy recovery.

Once you understand missmyra and appreciate that your body does have wisdom, and that signs and symptoms are there to be treated with understanding, then you can start to move towards natural good health.

A strong immune system should always be your aim. Armed with this, your natural good health will know no bounds. You’ll hardly get sick and when you do, you will recover quickly.

Some modalities work by suppressing your immune system. This will always take to towards more sickness.

So how do you support your natural immunity?

There are many ways and all aspects should be addressed:


  • a healthy diet
  • regular exercise
  • regular time for you
  • regular relaxing time, where you can stop and ‘smell the roses’
  • regular exposure to the natural sun
  • emotional freedom – your own natural expression and allowing others the same
  • only use health or emotional disorder treatment which works by supporting your immune system, such as homeopathy, yoga, meditation


It’s really important to make regular time for you. This isn’t always appreciated as being important. Parents are often guilty of this. They often put the children first. However, it is vitally important, to have time to be you. It restores balance, it relaxes you, you end up setting a great example to your children.

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