The High Significance of Document and Media Storage in the Business World

Modern organizations use both paper records and digital media in the course of business, hence the need for document and media storage.

There are offsite document storage companies that offer state of the art media and document storage services at superbly competitive rates.

Business records have economic, risk management, legal and fiscal values. However, many organizations today lack the effective procedures and policies necessary for the realization of a systematic control of recorded information. Consequently, some records are kept too long and too much time is spent in storing them.

Worse if in the event of misplaced information, the organizations will risk incurring penalties due to non compliance of recordkeeping regulations, fail to protect from harm any mission critical data, and even risk a nightmarish public relations incident.

Records Management Problems

This section of the article focuses on the common examples of records management problems that modern organizations face regularly. They considerably affect the general operations of businesses and will have a great impact on the financial gains that ought to benefit companies.

Paperwork is, unfortunately, the biggest overhead expense in every organization, with active files at a typical annual rate of about 25 percent.

Managers spend approximately one month each year just looking for or waiting on any misfiled, mislabeled or untracked information. On the other hand, productivity is grossly affected when office workers waste up to at least two hours each day searching for the misplaced paperwork.

It has been estimated that at least 90 percent of filed records are not to be referred to again and that 95 percent of references consists of records within the last three years of operation.

Large organizations tend to lose a document or file every 12 seconds, with an estimated 3 to 5 percent of files that are either lost or misplaced.

Document Management and Storage

It has become increasingly difficult to create, store, retrieve, use and destroy organizational information or merely place them under permanent archival retention.

Despite adopting the applicable information technologies, paperwork requirements are on a mounting rise. In the recent corporate volatile environment, having records management is a must.

Today, there are highly Teknik och media sophisticated storage companies that offer secure, safe and efficient storage of paper records as well as other business related sources of critical information that include digital media. They have state of the art storage technology for media and document management, unprecedented 24 hour security, and quick response customer service.

The paper documents are stored in an offsite facility such as an archive or vault that is fireproof and has other security control features. They are kept secure from both natural and manmade hazards such as tornadoes, theft, fire and the like.

Digital media include optical disks, audio and videotapes, microfilm, computer tapes and disks, streaming cartridge tapes, and backup data tapes. Specially designed storage boxes are provided for them to simplify document management.

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