Yoga For Happiness and the Law of Karma

Yoga is a gateway to happiness. Through a proactive lifestyle, anyone can be happy at the worst of times, because internal happiness is a choice. If you talk to a survivor of a war, holocaust, or natural disaster, about his or her experiences, each one of them will admit they had to tap into their proactive will to survive.

Yet, within Yoga, there is an underlying belief that we should wait for life to do something to us, and then we should react to it. Some teachers will state that we should wait for the results of life’s actions, which produce situations that may be either good or bad.

It is easy to forget that Karma means “action.” We can wait for life to happen to us or we can embrace each day – whether it is good or not. In fact, we do not have to wait for a “bad day” to look for solutions to problems. Sometimes, the need for a solution is obvious.

How many people died in automobile Sveriges lagar accidents before seat belts and air bags were required as standard equipment? Unfortunately, far too many car accidents happened without the standard of safety equipment we see today.

It is worth noting that Nils Bohlin, a Swedish inventor, created the contemporary “three point” seat belt, which is now standard equipment. His invention was not the first seat belt, but he modified the concept, improved it, and saved more lives.

How can we apply this to Karma Yoga? Do not wait for life to come to you. Life is just not long enough to wait for solutions to “fall in your lap.” Another lesson we can learn from the example of Nils Bohlin, is that you can build and improve on the existing solutions of past innovators.

When you reflect back on your life, do you regret inaction? Most of us feel the same way, but our lives are not over. We still have time to “make” good changes happen. If you feel happiness from within, you should share it with those who will appreciate it. Spread the wealth of loving kindness and happiness when it is possible; especially, when good feelings are flowing throughout your inner-being.

Do not wait for someone else to show the first act of loving kindness. If you show acts of kindness, happiness will follow you wherever you go. For every action you take, there is always an equal reaction, which comes back to you.

You may ask for nothing in return for acts of loving kindness, but the Law of Karma will always bear fruit. Everyone deserves happiness. If you find yourself in the middle of a surplus, make sure you are always generous.

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